Top 10 Indian Female Models 2020 You All Should Know

top 10 indian female models 2020

Modelling is a career everyone can’t rule in. But there are some Indian models who have succeeded in making that possible. Indians have set the mark in several industries and fashion/modelling industry is not an exception. There are quite a few Indian models who are ruling the modelling industry in their own ways. Here is a list of top 10 Indian female models 2020. Have a look at these super models! 

Top 10 Indian Female Models 2020

indian female models

Here is a list of some of the top 10 Indian female models 2020. Scroll down to know more!

1. Candice Pinto 

Candice Pinto is an Indian Supermodel and Miss Tourism International 2002. She’s begun her modelling career at the age of 19. She represented India in International contests like International Mega Model Contest and the Miss Intercontinental pageant. She became the first Indian to be crowned as Miss Tourism International in Malaysia. She’s been seen in Lakme fashion week, India fashion week and fashion magazine covers regularly. 

2. Noyonika Chatterjee

Noyonika Chatterjee, Bengali model who’s currently in Delhi has been ruling the ramp for over 2 decades now. She’s a mom with a daughter but continues her work in the industry with unparalleled grace and sincerity. She’s 5’11”, dusky and has brains along with beauty which makes her stand out in the industry. 

3. Nina Manuel

Nina Manuel is a Mumbai born Indian model who wanted to be a layer. Her career in modelling began with a show for an ensemble where she got picked by India’s top designers. She has collaborated with several brands like Coco cola, Levi’s, Bausch & Lomb, etc. She has done ramp shows for designers like Suneet Varma, JJ Valaya, Raghvendra Rathod and Ravi Bajaj. She’s done shows as a host for Telivision as well. 

4. Nethra Raghuraman

Nethra Raghuraman is an Indian model and actress. She was born into a Tamil family. She’s won the award of Best Newcomer Female at Star Screen Awards in 2000. She’s done quite a few Indian films and her set up her mark in acting Industry as well. She has appeared in music videos, fashion shows and more. 

5. Carol Gracias

Carol Gracias is an Indian super model from a Goan family in Mumbai. She is a past winner of the coveted India’s L’Oréal/Elite Look of the Year title. She has worked for a couple of movies; music videos and shows alongside her modelling career. She’s one of the top 10 Indian female models 2020. 

6. Alesia Raut

Alesia Raut is 35-year-old Indo-Russian model. She was born in Russia to Indian father and Russian mother. She’s been a model, actress, anchor and took part in reality shows and music videos as well. She is currently a fashion choreographer and trains models for pageants. 

7. Deepti Gujral

Deepti Gujral is an Indian actress, VJ and model born in Calcutta. She is one of the top 10 Indian female models 2020. The model has hosted shows and endorsed quite a few brands. She played roles in some Bollywood movies as well.  

8. Lakhsmi Menon

Lakshmi Menon is a 39-year-old Indian model living in Goa. She has also appeared in editorials for American, Spanish, Indian, and French Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, V Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Indian Elle, and Allure. She has endorsed several huge brands like H&M, Bloomingdales, J Crew, etc and several magazines featured her. 

9. Ujjwala Raut

Ujjwala Raut is an Indian super model born in 1978. She’s one of the top 10 Indian female models 2020. Her modelling career began when she won Femina look of the year in Femina Miss India in 1996. She walked twice for Victoria Secret Fashion show along with other top designers like Gucci, Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana, Betsey Johnson, etc. 

10. Sheetal Mallar

Sheetal Mallar is an Indian model from Mumbai. She’s also a contemporary photographer. She was placed among the 12 finalists in the Elite Supermodel Contest held in 1994 and worked for top brands like Armani and Fendi. She won the Femina Look of the Year and the Elite Look of the Year in 1994. She’s also the face of Maybelline cosmetics brand. 

These are some models who are ruling the modelling industry in India. The list of top Indian 10 female models 2020 is beyond this. There are several other Indian models who are doing great in the industry. If you want to find inspiration, it’s never too late to start. If you are looking for websites who provide casting calls, fill out your profile on

Modelling as a career for kids – will develop their talents

Child model

There are many areas that you need to focus upon, if you wish to have a modelling as your career. Anything as your career, you will have to invest time to shine in it. If modelling is your career, you need to have some tips in your mind, which includes,

  • You need to know the industry, you should be able to have a thick skin and also the commitment to win
  • The details that you share to the agency should be informative and more simple – including contact info, your vital stat, height and weight, photo if required
  • The contact info is so much required that you should be contacted after seeing your profile. Also, it must take a few seconds to impress the viewer too
  • A clear photo is very much necessary to have many ads and works for you. You should also fill in your experience in the field of modelling and nothing more is required.
  • Being original is what the agency and modeling industry looks for. Don’t imitate anybody
  • Research the agency and check whether the agency is in the field for a longer time, as well check its genuineness

There are Top 10 modeling agencies in Delhi which shall look in you is all the above mentioned only. If you wish to have a sound career, you will have to follow the above.

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Act according to professionals

How to get my baby into modeling? You will have to certainly send your baby’s photos to the agency to for the ads. Keep your baby’s photo clear and unique. They should be able to understand what the professionals say. Only at that age, you can ask for modeling job for kids. Be prepared to travel with your kid. Check the health of kid regularly, it should not spoil his/her career.

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The Perks Of An Early Age Acting Career

Modeling generally means showcasing a particular product through another person, ideally the target group that product is for.  There are different types of modeling assignments one can get. These can be for various products. As long as there is a target audience, modeling jobs will always be there to promote products. Modeling jobs can be taken up as a full time career option and a lot of people with appealing physical characteristics can try this profession. Usually some acting is also required if the ad is not just in print. The model will then also be an actor. During the auditions for these specific ad films, other aspects like talking, moving around, memorizing scripts etc will also be considered.

Acting auditions for children– what is really required?

Before signing up for a child acting audition, children should make sure that they actually want to do this. Parents should help their children take decisions. Nowadays, a lot of movies and TV shows are taking up children in lead roles. Agencies keep looking for budding talent here and there. Some children have a knack for the camera. They are comfortable being on camera and can put their real talent forward. However, some kids can’t. Even if they are talented, it takes a good few years for them to open up to the world. Unless the child is sure she wants to give this a shot, she won’t give her 100%.

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Life of child actors

The pros and cons of the life of a child actor is debatable. There are two contrasting viewpoints. Many think a child actor not only has to live her normal life like going to school, completing homework etc, but also turn up to shoots on time, put in efforts to act, memorize scripts and what not. However, some think this extracurricular activity prepares the child for the real life and should be promoted.

Know The Basics To Prosper And Shine

There are many jobs around you to pick one from.  Totally, it depends upon your interest and the money that you will earn. There are plentiful jobs and professions that you can choose from. For which the knowledge is more important as well your studies will be taken into consideration. Art and media is the profession which has no end to it. Some may think that beauty is the part which these two areas focus upon. But it’s not like that, it is the potential that one has determines one in this profession.

Indian models are several in numbers, and everyone likes them because of the uniqueness that one holds. The culture is the predominant one which everyone likes and be fond of. Modeling is a ditch, many would say this, but the statement is totally wrong and it is because of their mindset. Modeling is a booming industry where job is easy and can earn more, depending upon your relevant experience as well your beauty. Beauty is just a word, but after all proper face is required and there is no bar for age.

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Have right photo shoot

How to get into modeling? If this is the question, then the answer is you need take a right face being simple with a little makeup and dressed hair above all; a clear picture with some right lighting can make you stand good. Then you will have to focus on the right professional resume including your experience, your vital statistics in detail, your hobbies and where you have worked with.  You need to check with which kind of modeling is your requirement, as there are many like, art, fashion, glamour, etc. Based on that, you need to provide your photos. Modeling Jobs can help you earn more money. But you need to pick the right agency to get jobs, but you need to be sure of avoiding scams too.

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What Portfolio Photographers Should Remember

portfolio photography

As everyone knows capturing the genre of photography where displaying clothing and similar fashionable items is referred to as Fashion Photography.  In common parlance, the portfolio photography is nothing but collating the specific work with a unifying theme, style and taken through a specific medium.  But at the same time, it is much more than what everyone thinks of the specialization since everyone cannot be the best at the Indian female models portfolio.  Here are some tips for being a professional in portfolio photography.

What is it For?

 The objective of the event is more important since the portfolio differs from one event to another.  If the purpose is to present at the gallery, the theme of the exhibition should be driving force for presenting your skills.

 Focus Your Audience

portfolio photography

 Keeping the audience you are presenting the portfolio, you need to present the photography.  You should remember that the beautiful scenery background would not be appreciated by everyone.  The prospective audience would decide the genre of photography you envisage to display and thereby your success.

Apt Format

Probably, in earlier days, the choice was limited since the format of presentation was generally the paper format.  With the advent of advanced technological methods, you can present in a different and appropriate format appreciated by the audience.  Presenting a link to your portfolio to someone is also not a bad idea.

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Design & Style

You should decide on the appropriate design and the style of presenting the photographs.  Generally, it is accepted size is of A4, the paper quality and the print quality also enhances the attribute of the presentation.


Keeping the theme and the audience, you could opt for either portraits or a collection of black and white or sepia work for a specific time period or the regional-specific locations.

By following the portfolio photography Delhi, you can improve your professional skills and present the best of your ability.

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A Freelance Modeling Career Is Now Under Your Finger Click!

To be truly honest, is there any girl who says she does not want to be a model? Every girl does, only some lack the amount of confidence needed to make a successful modeling career in India. As much difficult it is to take a step towards being a model, as much is the hunt afterward- the hunt to find a modeling agency which is suitable for you in every way. Well, if you seek out for a modeling agency, look for the one which has given not one but thousands of in the industry. It should be leading its niche of business from ever since it was started.

  • What expectations should one keep from modelling agencies in Delhi ?
  • It should promise to take care of every modeling related formality which a model needs.
  • It should give a great opportunity to make an attractive and par excellent Indian Female models portfolio.
  • All its models are excellent in every sense with the radiant energy of confidence reflected off a model’s face.
  • The modeling agency should have a unique way to choose its candidates. Such as the one that picks out all the potential individuals who can be turned and tossed into something very attractive, photogenic and full of energy which should be a model’s most important feature.
  • Look out for what the history of that modeling agency tells about it?
  • Most of the Indian female models during recent times should be associated with the given modeling agency to help them kick start their career through freelance modeling.
  • It should have in hand way too many projects which give all the aspiring models an equal chance to grow one step further in their modeling career.
  • Your resume should be put together in the best form, as possible. Your portfolio is the window to your potential, therefore, the more it shows your potential, the more projects you get in hand.

Who knows? Maybe you can be the next super model!

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Top Fashion Photographers in India

We have the top fashion photographers in India to shoot awesome catalogs, look books, model portfolios and advertising campaigns. These fashion photographers and portfolio photographers provide a wide range of photography services including advertising, fashion, portrait, model portfolios and still life photography. India has always been a center of fashion and creative photography. Top fashion photographers blend various natural and unnatural elements that combine to develop a piece of art and tell a story. All the elements used to create a picture, have their equal importance and role to play on the final product.

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Fashion Photography at it’s Best

Fashion photography has been recognized as an art form in its own right. Many fashion photographers have contributed significantly to establishing fashion photography as an art form. Fashion photographers play with texture, color, and focus in the image, capturing the model’s gaze to convey the power of suggestion. These photographers have set a new realism to fashion photography; redefining the standards of beauty with a modern elegance.