No matter what goes in and out of fashion, the ever gorgeous black never does! Whether it is a black silk shirt or a sultry black georgette saree or just a plain, straight-legged, black denim this is the shade that rules forever. No wardrobe is complete without the omniscient presence of some key items in black. Just like the ever necessary black saree you need a cozy little black dress for a cocktail wear. Though there will be many different colors coming in and out of the hip style black is the statement as well as the essential.

The greater popularity of black is not only because of its show-stopping gorgeousness but also due to many other practical reasons. It’s a fact that black is something that complements all skin tones whether they may be warm, cool or just plain tanned. It is easier to maintain outfits in black and what is most important is perhaps its ability to make you look slimmer. Black creates a wonderful silhouette and you need not worry if you have overeaten the day before a major party! You have your flared black skirt right or may be that Armani-cut suit in jet black!

The one time you would not be caught dead in black is when you are out in the sun on a hot, hot June day! It is sheerly impractical to wear an all-black outfit then.

Also, you cannot evade the gym forever even with blessing of black as anything overdone is surely not the only thing. So definitely play around with black but just don’t hype it too much!


Yes, fashion may be symbolized by the couturiers in Milan, Paris and London, but it eventually trickles down to the street-smart fashionista on the streets and the subway who teams a kurti or a Pashmina with her jeans. Yet there is so much more than meets the eye. The Indian connection has so infiltrated the fashion world that it’s become part of the atmosphere, part of the style language without being distinctly Indian. And intriguingly enough, the Indian fashion inspiration is just the tip of the iceberg. Fashion houses across the world are gradually drawing more inspiration from India than ever before.

The fashion world is sometimes fueled by Indian style and silhouettes, sometimes by Indian colors or Indian accesorization , but a splash of “India” is all prevailing. Ralph Lauren consistently uses Indian influences, beading and embroideries in his collection. His embrace of the Nehru collar has been so strong over the years, that now in his designs, it’s regarded simply as the Ralph Lauren look. Designers from Oscar de la Renta to Roberto Cavalli go to India for their couture line, to get the beading and embroideries done in India. Indian designers have made New York and London an extension of Bombay or Delhi, and are frequently, holding fashion shows for the South Asian market, and trunk shows, which are often attended by the mainstream. The fashion statement we make in our colours, textures and motifs is simply being lapped up by the rest of the world because of one plain reason – they are loving it!