Movie Dil Dosti Etc

Every once in a while a film comes along with a real difference, Dil Dosti Etc. here you want find cinema stereotypes but are face with what life is really about rather than just being subject to a figment of the directors imagination. This is one real story that happens all the time around us, but are we honest enough to accept it and talk freely or are conversations and acts pertaining to sex still a topic we consider a taboo.

Set in the backdrop of a Delhi college, it takes us into the world of what a first year college guy really wants. Proves to be a fresh and forthright look at how young men think today and the choices they make. Hostel mates Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich, cosmopolitan young lad in first year and, Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), a moderately conservative Bihari in third year are the lead characters. Dil Dosti Etc combines the new and old outlook in today’s Indian society.

Sanjay, the student-politician is determined and focused, the romantic idealist who pursues his political goals with conviction. Apurv is aimless with loads of time and money in hand, and looks for meaning in life through sexual escapades with women and girls that come into his life.

The lead female actors include a small time Delhi prostitute confined to a brothel, a twelfth grader who is confused about where her own sexual limits lie and the rich South Delhi girl who aspires to be an international model. The three ladies don’t met but on a certain day over matter of 24 hours all of them bed Apurv, despite the model being in a confused but steady relationship with the student politician.

Here’s what you call real characters, story, themes, nature of friendship, male bonding, sexual journey, love and betrayal, it’s all there. Realistic with a little bit of dark humor, it’s a story about the Indian youth of this generation.