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website of your own

Having a website of your own has become so inevitable these days for any business organization. Not just that but I see many individuals opting for having their personal websites for various reasons. Most of the people want to leverage the power of the Internet to express themselves or to grow their business. A domain name is your personal or business address on the Internet. There are many types of hosting plans like shared hosting or dedicated server etc. If you are looking for top cheap web hosting companies try looking at top10webhosting.com. They have quite a lot of information regarding this.

Sunglasses have become hot favorites

Sunglasses have become hot favorites and fashion trend setters. The truth is, everyone needs a good, quality, and long-lasting pair of fashion sun glasses. Even in winter our eyes need to be protected from the suns harmful UV rays – giving you the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of sunglasses from winter collections. They used to be big and chunky, back in the late eighties. If you are looking for cool sunglasses or eye glasses or frames checkout zennioptical.com. They have a good collection of frames to choose from for every budget.

now watch rap videos online

I know everybody loves Rick Ross for his great Music. Now, who wants to know Rick Ross Biography ? Well, it call can be found and read at RapArtists.com. You can now watch rap videos online at the Rap Artists.com web site in addition to getting the full Rap Lyrics. This is pretty exciting and a very cool feature for all of the rap enthusiasts out there. What is even better is they have recently added hip hop videos. All you have to do is search for your favorite hip hop artist to get started. I also find it neat when you can watch the video and at the same time be able to view the lyrics of the playing video allowing you to sing along.

Sabyasachi making waves

The 28-year-old fashion designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has had it all from junk jewelry selling in Kolkata’s roadside shops to displaying his Milan Fashion Week collection in New Delhi. A NIFT summer graduate of 1999, he has three awards in his bag- The Best Design collection, the Ritu Kumar award for excellence in design and the Viewers Choice award. At the LIFW, in 2002 he made his debut where he earned accolades for his collection from the national and international press. Ever since he joined the industry of fashion ,he has been making waves.

The ‘Times of India- British Council’s most outstanding designer of India’ award earned Sabyasachi Mukherjee an internship in London. The philosophy of his design is clear and simple-‘personalized imperfection of the human hand’. The lifelong inspiration of this renowned designer has been deserts, gypsies, prostitutes and antique textiles. This fashion designer believes that the extension of one’s intellect is clothes.

He began his career as a costume designer at Bollywood, and in 2007 he has designed for the leading ladies of ‘Laaga Chunari Mein Daag’. This Kolkata designer’s unusual fabric, ‘fusion’ of style, ‘patch’ works give it an ‘An International styling with an Indian soul’. He was voted as one of the ten influential people by Asia Inc. a Singapore based business magazine where Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra and Sabeer Bhatia are included. The previewing of his Spring/Summer 2008 collection displayed in New York IMG Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week earned him lots of appreciation.

Feeling good

All of us desire to be beautiful and attractive. Our bodies are our image to the world. People judge us unfairly on our bodies rather than on our mind. Invest in yourself.

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