Deepika Padukone is “hot”

2124_deepika-padakone2.jpgA name that is known everyone from young to old is none other than Deepika Padukone. She was born on January 5th. 1986. At this very tender age she has achieved what many cannot even dream of. This is possible only because of her dedication, discipline and determination in which she firmly believes.

This Indian model turned actress is the daughter of former World badminton Champion Prakash Padukone and mother Ujjala Padukone. She was a student of Sophia’s High School, Bangalore and she attended her high school in Delhi. From Mount Carmel College she completed her graduation. She was awarded the title of Model of the Year at the fifth annual Kingfisher Fashion Awards, for Indian models and designers. The other two trophies in her bag are the Idea Zee F Awards in 2006 – Female Model of the year (Commercial Assignments) and Fresh Face of the year.

She has been modeling for Liril soap, Dabur Lal powder Part plus shampoo and Limca and Maybelline is her first international project. This 5’ 9 beauty is the brand ambassador for Kingfisher Airlines and has featured in Kingfisher’s Swimsuit calendar 2006. She has already started her career in Bollywood and has starred as the lead actress of the blockbuster movie Om Shanti Om. She was casted opposite Shahrukh Khan and the film was directed by Farah Khan. This film has earned her immense popularity and fan following. In her personal life this model turned actor is very an introvert who loves spending time either with her family or friends.deepika-2.jpg

Movie Dil Dosti Etc

Every once in a while a film comes along with a real difference, Dil Dosti Etc. here you want find cinema stereotypes but are face with what life is really about rather than just being subject to a figment of the directors imagination. This is one real story that happens all the time around us, but are we honest enough to accept it and talk freely or are conversations and acts pertaining to sex still a topic we consider a taboo.

Set in the backdrop of a Delhi college, it takes us into the world of what a first year college guy really wants. Proves to be a fresh and forthright look at how young men think today and the choices they make. Hostel mates Apurv (Imaad Shah), a rich, cosmopolitan young lad in first year and, Sanjay Mishra (Shreyas Talpade), a moderately conservative Bihari in third year are the lead characters. Dil Dosti Etc combines the new and old outlook in today’s Indian society.

Sanjay, the student-politician is determined and focused, the romantic idealist who pursues his political goals with conviction. Apurv is aimless with loads of time and money in hand, and looks for meaning in life through sexual escapades with women and girls that come into his life.

The lead female actors include a small time Delhi prostitute confined to a brothel, a twelfth grader who is confused about where her own sexual limits lie and the rich South Delhi girl who aspires to be an international model. The three ladies don’t met but on a certain day over matter of 24 hours all of them bed Apurv, despite the model being in a confused but steady relationship with the student politician.

Here’s what you call real characters, story, themes, nature of friendship, male bonding, sexual journey, love and betrayal, it’s all there. Realistic with a little bit of dark humor, it’s a story about the Indian youth of this generation.

Bombay to Bangkok

Shreyas Talpade’s new film Bombay to Bangkok is boring, with low production values, and an uninteresting view of Thailand. Bombay to Bangkok is a Hindi movie directed by the acclaimed director Nagesh Kukunoor. It stars the versatile Shreyas Talpade [of Iqbal fame] as the male lead and newcomer Lina Christianson as his muse.

The absurd nature of the story is evident from scene one. The plotline and the direction are far less worth in quality from the earlier films by the director and a disappointment to his ardent fans. The story is dull and conventional. Though the direction could be given some kudos, but the overall image is not so rosy. While shooting in Bangkok, the director (and his cinematographer) fails to bank on the beauty and exotic locales of Thailand. Another major flaw is the woody characterization and lack luster acting by the female lead, Lina Christianson. The recurring dream sequences gets annoying gradually and fails to evoke humor. Slapstick humor and in-your-face comedy tactics are used to woo the viewer which is to no avail. A cameo by Naseeruddin Shah is absolutely unnecessary and contributes only the star value to the film and none to the plot. The climax of the movie is arid and absurd. The only culture Kukunoor depicts involves a group of traditional dancers, initiating into monkhood, insect food platter, bowls of Pad Thai noodles, Shah Rukh Khan-loving locals, amusing accents and massage parlour women looking to ‘make happy’. That too through the medium of Sudeep Chaterjee’s lacklustre camerawork and Kukunoor’s feeble writing.

But there is some positive aspects in the film too. Shreyas’ acting is the only saving grace of the film. As he his earlier efforts, this time he walks away with accolades even for a poorly written character. Also the comic act from Vijay Maurya, as he tries to rap and don the Don’s mantle, is pretty humorous.

Overall a film you may watch if you have nothing else to do on a boring weekend!