Sunday movie review

Inspired by a south-Indian hit Anukokunda Oka Roju, ‘Sunday’ is a pack full of scenes combined together for hilarious harmony. The movie begins with a girl being murdered and her body is found floating on the backwaters which is first found by another. The police lodge a FIR. The leading lady of the film Ayesha Takia or Sehar is a bad memory-dubbing artist. A gang of goons follows her for reasons not known to her. Sehar is full of confusion for all these strange things that keep happening in her life. In a fit to find her missing Sunday, Sehar is violently attacked and it is the cop Ajay Devgan who takes the case of sorting out all problems from Sehar’s life.

In the process of solving the puzzle, Ajay comes across a murder case where Sehar is supposed to be the culprit. But as is the problem of bad memory, Sehar is unable to remember anything. This is basically the story of ‘Sunday’. It could have been interesting to find out whether Sehar is pretending or not and whether she is a serial killer at night and a dubbing artist in the morning. But it is not at all interesting, more because of the poor direction and also awful editing. The constant shifting from being a mystery to a comedy makes the movie a painful watch. The meaningless stretched climax ads to its disaster. Performance wise, Ajay is not up his standard, Ayesha acted well, and Arshad and Irfan were decent. Nothing but the dialogues come as the only relief in the film.

Hindi Movie: Black and White

Hindi Movie: Black and White review

The director of larger than life movies like ‘Pardes’, ‘Taal’, ‘Kisna’, ‘Yaadein’ and many more has offered ‘Black and White’ which is surely different from his earlier ones. The story has a character Rajan Mathur played by Anil Kapoor who is a professor and his wife Roma, played by Shefali Shah is an activist live in Delhi. It is a boy named Numair Qazi who introduces himself as a victim of the Gujarat riot is given shelter in their house by the couple. They come close to this boy and they are totally unaware of the fact that the boy or Numair is actually a suicide bomber who is commissioned by a Muslim fundamentalist group. He has been assigned to make a blast near Red Ford on Independence Day.

Filmmaker, Subhas Ghai has given this movie an excellent feel with his amazing direction. The film has a well-crafted plot and as far the cinematography goes, Somak Mukherjee has done a fair enough job in capturing Delhi. The music of the film, which is given by Sukhwinder Shingh, although, is not extra-ordinary but it is not bad as well. Anil Kapoor certainly needs a pat for his excellent execution of Rajan Mathur, Shefali Shah has also portrayed well the character of the activist and has given a strong performance. Habib Tanvir as Numair Qazi has done a commendable job, and Aditi Sharma has also done a decent job. This dramatic-thriller is a courageous step taken by Ghai.

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