Dancing is fun

Dancing is a cardiovascular workout. Dancing helps develop balance and rhythm. Dancing allows for self expression. Dance is also used to describe methods of non-verbal communication. Dance can be directly participatory, social or performed for an audience. It can also be ceremonial, competitive or erotic.

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Dance can embody or express ideas, emotions or tell a story. Although dance is often accompanied by music, it can also be presented independently or provide its own accompaniment like tap dance. Dance performed without music is said to be danced to its own rhythm.

Lets party

Now here is something that most people don’t pay attention to, the types of parties.
A party is defined as a social gathering for celebration and recreation. Usually the term “party” denotes a smaller, personal gathering but often parties are related to and often form part of religious, cultural, and seasonal festivals.

A birthday party is a celebration that occurs to celebrate the birth of the person being honored. Birthday parties are celebrated in many cultures. While a child’s party is usually at home and consists of soft drinks and sweet food as well as savory, adults’ birthday parties in Western countries often take place in bars or nightclubs where a range of alcoholic beverages are consumed.

A dinner party is a formal social gathering at which people eat dinner together, usually in the host’s own home. At the least formal dinner parties, a buffet of food is provided on a table or counter, and the guests choose items from the buffet and eat standing up as they talk and mingle. At the most formal dinner parties, dinner is served at a dining table with place settings. Dinner parties are sometimes preceded by a cocktail party, a social gathering in a living room or bar where guests
drink alcoholic cocktails as they mingle. Women guests may wear cocktail dresses. Cocktail parties are often held as a prelude to a dinner party.

A New Year’s Party is usually hosted in a person’s house on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the changing of the calendar. Many hotels, bars, and restaurants also sponsor New Year’s Parties, and hand out gift bags that include funny hats, streamers, balloons, and noisemakers used before and after the countdown to the new year.

Office parties are social events held by corporations or businesses at the site of the business or in a restaurant or bar. These celebrations can coincide with seasonal holidays (e.g., Christmas) or an important date for the company. Office parties are held because they give employees a chance to interact in a less formal atmosphere, which can boost the morale of the employees.

Now you can enjoy a party knowing what it is.