Salt and Pepper Hair – The Latest Hair Color Trend for Men

salt and pepper hair men

We’d all be lying if we say we haven’t been crushing on George Clooney’s salt and pepper hair. Not just him, Patrick Dempsey, Matt Leblanc, Morgan Freeman, and several other Hollywood stars are rocking this hairstyle. And we totally adore how they are embracing the silver look. If we time travel to a few years before, grey hair wasn’t something everyone would look at with admiration. We aren’t completely on the bright side yet, but the situation got quite better from a couple of years.

Whether you have started growing naturally grey yet, or you just want to dye your hair to get the look, here is something you should know. Getting the salt and pepper hair look is only half the deal, the rest lies in adapting to the change, caring for the treated hair and styling it the right way. To help you with that, we have come up with hair care tips, styling ideas, and much more. Here’s everything you need to know about the hair color trend for men!

What is Salt and Pepper Hair?

To start with, salt and pepper hair is the combination of grey hair with your natural hair color – black, brown, etc. People with graying hair are choosing to rock their natural hair color to avoid the hassle of dyeing it.

On the other side, people with dark hair are now starting to dye the hair silver to get this look. No matter which side of the coin you are on, read the tips below to get the desired look.

How to Dye My Hair Salt and Pepper?

Salt and Pepper hair for men

Here are the two options you have. For one, you can try a DIY hair color. And the second would be going to a professional hairstylist. We suggest you go for the latter option, but if DIY is your thing, we are happy to help you with that too.

Like any other artificial hair color, this also requires quite a bit of care and effort. Start off with dyeing your hair black or brown for the base part (if you have grey or light hair color). Later, take sections of hair you want grey and spray them silver. This is for those who opt for DIY. The better idea however is to go to a professional although it might cost you some extra bucks.

Haircare Tips

Some simple changes in your lifestyle and haircare routine can help you maintain the look you aimed for. Here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Avoid washing your hair too often. Even if you do so, do not shampoo your hair each time you wash. This strips off natural oils from the hair which is a bad idea for already thinning grey hair.
  • Choose nutrition-rich shampoos and conditioners that are particularly designed for color-treated hair. Try switching hair conditioner with hair mask for better results.
  • Wax, gel, and pomade are great options to get the shine and luster. Try using them.
  • Eat lots of nutritious food, particularly if your hair is naturally graying. This helps in strengthening the hair from the roots.

How to Style Salt and Pepper Hair?

Salt and Pepper hair for men

While styling this hair color, you need to remember that going over the top may not work for all. Long hair and edgy styles may look good on some, but the safest option would be sticking to the basic short haircut. The hair color blends well with short hair and accentuates the highlighted silver sections well. Go for a textured short haircut with flat sides and little longer hair on the top. This adds volume to the hair and sharpens the features of the haircut as well.

The final suggestion is to use semi-matte or gel products for hair styling as matte products kind of overpower the grey in the look. Now that you know all about the salt and pepper hair look, we hope you are all set to rock it anytime!

How to Glow Inside out- 5 Ways to Relax and De-stress

How to relax and de-stress

It’s normal to want to relax once in every while. Human bodies can’t handle all kinds of emotions in an equal way. Things like workload, issues with family/partner, lack of sleep, financial obstacles, emotional downs, etc. can cause slight discomfort to your otherwise normal system. Your brain undergoes stress and if you disregard it, it starts showing up on our skin, hair, nails, and most importantly, your lifestyle. For all of you going through this right now, remember that we’ve all been through it and that it’s normal. You might want to bang your head against that wall or tear off that paperwork at your desk or simply slap the waiter at the café. Yes, we totally relate to you and No, we don’t think any of them is a good idea.

Here we have for you 5 simple ways to relax and de-stress that have worked for many (we’re definitely among them). Scroll down to know more!

1.     Declutter your space

Declutter and relax

We know that you are least motivated to do anything like this now. But trust me, fixing your space really helps you calm down. Sometimes the baffling feeling you experience is due to the mess (both physical and mental). So, if you strike one thing off it, it’s like a baby step. This also serves as a break if the source of your stress is working too much.

2.     Sweat it out and relax


Exercising is a great way to get your body into movement and release fatigue. The reason, the stress you feel might also be due to sitting in a single place, looking into the screen for too long, and not moving your body for hours. If this is the case, just get up and do some exercise or dance or cycling or anything, literally just jump like a monkey. This helps in the release of endorphins and cuts down the stress hormones. Endorphins stimulate your body and mind, help you relax and calm your mind.

3.     Journaling


Another way to relax and calm down is Journaling. Journaling is simply writing out your thoughts into a book/diary. Drawing and doodling also count. When you have too much going on in your head, it really gets heavy. By writing it out on a paper, you are technically transferring the thoughts in your head onto the paper. Be honest with yourself and write it all down whatever is troubling you. If you are not a journal person, just call your best friend, sibling, or partner, anyone you are comfortable sharing your thoughts with, and just say it all. The point is you have to let the load off your head until you feel light.

4.     Do something you love

Passion and art

Everyone is passionate about something. It may be painting, drawing, photography, writing, playing musical instruments, singing, and so on. This is that one thing that doesn’t tire you, one thing that you love, one thing you enjoy doing. Go ahead and start doing it. When you do something you love, your body releases serotonin or the happy hormone. It helps in enhancing your mood by reducing stress and anxiety. Also, doing things for yourself like composing your own song, painting your own wallpapers, writing your own poem, gives you a gratifying feeling that you’d never experience otherwise.

5.     Take a shower to relax

Shower to relax

Showers can be as calming as meditation when you are stressed. You can take soothing warm water showers or chilled cold water showers as you like it. Choose the soaps with fragrance preferably calming ones like lavender or lemon; add bath salts if you wish and just close your eyes to totally immerse yourself into it. Just breathe while you soak yourself in water and let go of all the thoughts that are worrying you. Trust me, it’s the best way to relax and soothe your mood. After you are done with it light a couple of scented candles, turn on some gentle music and doze off to sleep.

That’s it. Try them each, try them all. Observe what’s working for you and leave the rest. Also, while you get busy in the everyday hodgepodge, take some time off to relax. Go on a family vacation, attend a therapy session, and give yourself massages and detoxes. Remember, there’s nothing worth stressing over at the cost of your mental health. Drink tons of water, eat healthy food, and get good 6-8 hour sleep. Stay hydrated, stay happy!

Styling Boyfriend Jeans- 5 Basic Ways That Work for Almost Everyone!

Boyfriend jeans for any weather day

Let me disclose the most obvious fact to you first. Boyfriend jeans are not necessarily the jeans you stole from your boyfriend although it’d be a great idea. In fashion terms, anything that is unisex or fits baggy is assigned with the term ‘boyfriend’. Say boyfriend jacket, boyfriend shirt, etc.

What goes with boyfriend jeans?

With the advent of comfortable fashion – celebrities and fashion influencers promoting it, boyfriend jeans have become quite a thing. They have been in trend for a few years and now people are counting on them like basics. Boyfriend jeans surpass skinny jeans in comfort and ease, or do we also say style? Pulling it off takes a little courage and styling knowledge, both of which are pretty easy for the generation’s women who got million style references from Netflix shows and Instagram pages of their favorite style icons.

In this blog, we provide you some ideas on how you can style your favorite boyfriend jeans in five quintessential ways. You can customize these looks and make the most of your creativity. Here you go!

1.     Tube tops

If you are wondering what looks good with your boyfriend jeans, you should give tube tops a shot. A tube top or a bandeau top can be a fantastic option to pair with it. These tops are so body-hugging that they balance out the over-sized feature of the jeans. You can go all the way from vibrant colors to shimmery ones to basics, without the fear of going wrong.

2.     Basic t-shirts

Basic white tee look

Is there anything in the world that doesn’t go with a well-fitted basic t-shirt? The answer must be, No. The trick here is to do a little gimmick in order to create the right detail that lifts the look. Simply knot the t-shirt in the center or on one side and you are good to go. If you aren’t comfortable with doing that, you can try tucking in, that works fine too. The best part is you have multiple options to choose from- graphic tees, printed ones, abstract, striped, slogan-printed, and even the plain ones.

3.     Cropped tees

Crop tee style

Cropped tees are so in-trend right now that if you can’t pair them with something it’s really a turnoff.  If you go for fitted full-sleeved crop tees, they are perfect and you need to do nothing to get the look right. But if you got the baggy cropped ones, roll the sleeves (if you like) and tighten up the belt. The belt here adds structure at the waist and separates the two baggy pieces of the outfit, so don’t ditch that.

4.     Tank tops/ camisoles

Boyfriend jeans with a tank top

Tank tops and camisoles are like the chic version of basic tees, plus you’ll never look like a homeless in them any day. Both of these are perfect to add a little feminine touch to the otherwise sporty look. You can wear tank tops and camisoles as it is, or tuck them or knot them or rip them (jk!) they look perfect with boyfriend jeans in all ways. You can top it off with an over-sized denim jacket as well.

5.     Kurtis with boyfriend jeans

Disclaimer, this isn’t the best idea I got for you all, but if you are into indo-western style and experimenting with new looks, this one is definitely a gem. I’ve seen a few YouTubers, fashionistas sport long straight cut kurtis with baggy jeans and they’ve all aced that look. Wear any of your colorful long kurtis with a pair of washy blue boyfriend jeans and you are ready to roll. You can accessorize with some ethnic jewelry, wear nice sandals, and finish off the look with some tinted lips. I bet you’ll look bomb.

What shoes do you wear with boyfriend jeans?

Well if you’re thinking, which kind of footwear goes well with boyfriend jeans? We’d say, any sneakers from basic ones to bright chunky ones do the perfect job. You can even try boots for a more pronounced look.

These are the 5 simple ways you can style your boyfriend jeans. I’m sure you’ve got a million other ways to style it. Go ahead and stick to the ones that work the best for you. Also, a friendly suggestion is to buy the jeans in lighter shades of blue if you have to buy only one. It’s sufficient and works great with pretty much all the colors.